Is Smartanda free?
Yes. Smartanda is free to use for as long as you wish.
Can i embed Youtube videos?
Yes,you can upload your own videos or embed Youtube videos.
How can i retrieve my password?
Please click on the forgot my password button and enter your email id,System will email you a new password and you can login with that password.Once login please change your password.
I want to join smartanda but it says my email id is already in use,why is that? If your freinds already invited you to join smartanda, our system automatically add your email id in our database. All you need to do is just clcik on the forgot password button and enter your email id. Our system will email you a password to login.Once login you can change your login details and password. Can i add flickr photos or Youtube videos? Yes, you can embed your favourite photos and videos from flickr and youtube.All you have to do is just copy your favourite photo link and embed code and paste. by clicking add photos=> embed and then add. I added the embed code but still not adding the code and continue button.why is that? Please add the exact link and just enter inside the continue button. If you add the wrong code then you would not be able to continue to upload the videos or photos. Can i add more than one photo or video? Yes, you can add more than one and as many as you wish by clicking the + green button on the right side. Can i set my profile private or locked? Yes, you can set your profiles private only for your freinds or members of smartanda community. How can i add photos in blog? You can easily add photos by clicking the image button.A seperate window will pop up where you can add the image url or upload and you can decide where do you want to see the photo by selecting the position and the size. Can i use other langauge in smartanda.com Yes you can add any other language by copy and paste method.When you add a new post in blog or group you simply We recommend to use Epic browser.When ever you type you will get an option to use the language. I am not able to seperate the paragraph in my blog entry. Please open html icon in the editor you will get a seperate window and you can see all your post there. Just add
in between the paragraph and update.If you need more space please add this code twice. How can i add others photos or videos as my favourite? Just click on the 'Favourite' button placed left side of the phtos and videos and that will be add in your favourite list. If you need more help please feel free to contact us and one of our tema will back to you.